Open Letter to Seniors

Dear Seniors Everywhere,


On behalf of Sandcastle, I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your fellow generation. We are all proud of your successes, and we recognize that it was your leadership and your love that largely determined who we would become.


You still have a responsibility to maintain your health as you age. No longer can you avoid the simple health issues that come up. My dad was the biggest culprit of this. He was a proud man, and for good reason as he accomplished much in his life. Though he was a champion in many ways, he had to accept that he needed help. His independent spirit compelled him to receive care in the place he was most comfortable: home. His passion for independence fueled us to start Sandcastle. 


You’ve earned the right to spend your elder years where and how you see fit. Most of us find comfort living in a familiar place, like a home. A place where you’ve invested so much of your life, and have so many memories. A place where you may have raised your loved ones, or built last lasting relationships with neighbors. 


Here at Sandcastle, we exist to serve you. Your future still holds wonders and we'd love to be a part of it. It's the future we're going to create, together.  And, believe me, the future is still very bright.


With much love,




Adriana Castillo

General Manager

Sandcastle Homecare