Our Story


The Sandcastle story begins with our Grandpa.  My earliest childhood memory was of him and me at the beach making a sandcastle. He was my best friend in the world. He taught me how to swim as a baby, how to throw a football as a kid, and how to drive a car as a teenager. He taught me how to laugh at myself, that it is okay to cry, and most importantly, he showed me how to live. He was my hero.


In his elder years, his health started to decline. After a stroke left him partially disabled, it was obvious that he would require much care and supervision. Though he agreed to care, he maintained a strong desire to stay at home.  His home represented his independence, where he raised his family, and had decades worth of memories. As a family, we searched all over Central Florida for a homecare provider, but became quickly dissatisfied. 


It was clear that no one would care for our Grandpa as well as we could, so as a family we took care of him.  He never lost his spirit through the troubling times, and we believe it was because of the care we provided. It is through our family experience that we discovered our passion, and our purpose.  For us, this isn't just about business. This is personal for us. This is our story, and how Sandcastle was started.


We share that same passion for care with each and every client at Sandcastle. That is the expectation that we will deliver upon, every time. If you and your family are searching for care, please reach out to us. We'd love the opportunity to share with you the many ways we can benefit your family.


Warmest regards,



Alexander Castillo

President / Founder

Sandcastle Homecare